University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Office of International Projects in the International Division at UW–Madison provides administrative support for individuals and units at UW–Madison that are actively promoting the Wisconsin Idea abroad. In particular, our office aims to: (1) assist individual faculty and units to develop and manage international-related, fee-for-service contracts and grants; and (2) be a nexus for fee-for-service international projects that require collaboration across UW–Madison units and schools or do not fit into traditional institutional structures. The office and affiliated projects are administered from within the International Division.

The following criteria guide the work of the Office of International Projects. Projects must:

  • Be internationally oriented: Projects must have an inherent international component.
  • Focus on capacity development: Projects should focus on university, institution, or professional capacity development through program consultation/evaluation, and administrator and faculty professional development.
  • Have a multi-unit and/or university focus: The office focuses on contracts that require collaboration across multiple UW-Madison units. The office also helps facilitate projects that serve the institution’s broader education or public service mission.
  • Have an institutional impact: Keeping UW–Madison’s mission related to research, teaching, and outreach in mind, projects need to clearly benefit our campus in one of those areas.

In terms of project structure, following the recommendation of the potential project participants and partners, the dean will designate a PI to help liaise with other faculty and units on campus. The project development and administration will then be carried out through the Office of International Projects, in conjunction with the faculty PI and other staff as needed. The faculty PI will report directly to the dean. The office also collaborates closely with the Institute for Regional and International Studies and its centers and faculty affiliates in order to anchor partnerships or projects to regional and country-level expertise whenever possible.