Eurasia Foundation (Expo 2017)

Kazakhstan hosted Astana Expo 2017 from 10 June through 10 September 2017. The expo was a global gathering of key leaders from the business community, high ranking government officials, and cultural and educational representatives. Over 100 countries and international organizations  participated. The theme of Expo 2017 was “Future Energy” with a focus on green technologies, sustainable development, and energy for all. Featuring the theme of “the Source of Infinite Energy,” the USA Pavilion shared the partnerships, triumphs, and dreams of the American people and sought to inspire all visitors with the key message, “The Energy in Each of Us Together Empowers the World.” The USA Pavilion illustrated the American belief that an innovator is anyone with vision and a change-maker is anyone with a dream and the determination to follow it through.

USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors proudly represent America’s great diversity and play an instrumental role in forging people-to-people ties and bolstering America’s image in Kazakhstan and Eurasia. Student Ambassadors are young people who form a team to support the USA Pavilion during the three month exposition. They interact with visitors, sponsors, government officials, and dignitaries. The Eurasia Foundation, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and the American Councils for International Education partnered to facilitate the Student Ambassadorship program for Expo 2017.

Student Ambassadors had a unique opportunity to represent the USA at this international event. In total, 40 Student Ambassadors (undergraduate, graduate students, or even recent graduates from spring 2015) were chosen from United States colleges, universities, and other academic, educational, or diplomatic programs.