SAFEA (China)

The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) is an administrative agency of the Chinese government that maintains a database of experts who are approved by the Chinese government to provide training outside of China for Chinese public servants.

UW–Madison has been an approved member on the SAFEA list since 2015, with training specialties in the areas of law, medicine, and environmental protection. During 2017, SAFEA-approved training on the UW–Madison campus included a program in November entitled, “2017 Seminar on Judicial Skills Development,” which was facilitated through the Wisconsin Institute for International Legal Programs.

SAFEA training programs at UW–Madison are coordinated through the International Division’s International Projects Office (IPO). Interested participants can contact us through the SAFEA portal (UW–Madison’s SAFEA ID# is 15002) or by contacting IPO. We welcome ideas for training, particularly in law, medicine, and environmental protection. The typical program would consist of one or two weeks spent on campus attending custom programming on an academic or professional topic. Interested applicants should prepare a detailed proposal of the topics of interest, the size of the proposed training group, the preferred time-frame of training, and the project goals.

For additional SAFEA-related information, contact Laurie Dennis, associate director of the Wisconsin China Initiative.