UW–Madison and Ualikhanov University: Expanding the University’s Reach Through Language Education and Administration (2/2)

Ualikhanov University team presentation
Ualikhanov University team presentation

UW–Madison coach: Anne Naparstek, Assistant Director, Language Programs Office, International Division

Ualikhanov University team (Kökshetau): Zhailagul Sagyndykova* (Vice-Rector, Internationalization and Infrastructure Development), Anar Kalzhanova, Dana Kalzhanova, Moldir Talpakova, Saule Uzbergenova, and Botagoz Aubakirova * indicates team leader

Anne Naparstek brought her financial, organizational, and strategic planning experience as LPO administrator to the Ualikhanov University (UU) team as they implemented the first phases of a long-term project of internationalization of the campus and the development of revenue-generating language courses. The UU team has a three-pronged goal: to help the university’s international medical students, who study at UU in English, gain proficiency in Kazakh language so that they can more effectively serve their patients during required hospital/clinic internships; to offer English-language classes for Kazakh students; and to open an academic writing center for UU faculty who aspire to improve their academic English writing skills. Ideally, the revenue generated from the first two would offset the costs of the third, and so Naparstek and the team did a lot of logistical and strategic thinking around this model; with UU leadership’s support, they developed a plan for implementing their goals over a two-year period. By the end of the first year under Naparstek’s coaching, they navigated some administrative obstacles beyond their control, but emerged as a stronger team that is still enthusiastic about their goals for a new year, during which they aim to assess international and student interest in a variety of language classes and prioritize the creation of the academic writing center. At the conclusion of the grant period, Naparstek noted, “The expertise and determination of the team from Ualikhanov puts them in an excellent position to meet not only their current goals but to build on them and continue to provide important personal and professional development opportunities for the broader UU community.”

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