UW-Madison Delegation to Astana, Kazakhstan (Spring 2024)

In the spring of 2024, six teams of representatives from UW–Madison will be providing external review of the six social science and humanities departments at Nazarbayev University School of Sciences and Humanities (NU SSH)—Economics; Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies (KazLT); History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies (HPRS); Languages, Linguistics, and Literature (LLL); Political Science and International Relations; and Sociology and Anthropology. Additionally, four teams of UW–Madison representatives will be providing feedback to NU SSH’s STEM departments—Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math—as they make preparation for ABET accreditation.

The work of the SSH departmental and ABET readiness review teams is led by Professor James H. Sweet and Dr. Laura Grossenbacher, respectively, and brief bios for each of the reviewers has been included below, along with areas of potential collaboration. On the UW-side, this work is being coordinated by the International Projects Office team. For general questions regarding this work, contact Professor James Sweet (jhsweet@wisc.edu) (Interim Faculty Director) or Dr. Virginia Martin (vmartin2@wisc.edu) (IPO Partnership Coordinator). For questions regarding the ABET-portion of this work, contact Dr. Laura Grossenbacher (lrgrossenbac@wisc.edu). For more information about the full delegation visiting NU in spring 2024, see the delegation bio packet (Spring 2024-UW Delegations).

For more information on the history of the Nazarbayev University Partnership with UW–Madison, see the partnership background page at nuinfo.wisc.edu or the chapter in Wisconsin in the World: Internationalization at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (Ahn, 2023) on “The UW–Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University” by Virginia Martin and David McDonald (downloadable from Wisconsin_in_the_World_Ch 29 Martin-McDonald).

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