UW-Madison UniCEN Project with Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute

The UW-Madison UniCEN project between the UW Makerspace, led by Dr. Lennon Rodgers, and Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, ran from fall 2020 through late summer 2021. The main goal of this project is to share the experience of UW’s Makerspace to ultimately develop and strengthen the applied skills of TCTI engineering students with innovative methods of “teaching by doing”. The project facilitates the opening of an innovative interdisciplinary Makerspace Lab at TCTI that aims to improve the quality of engineering education, provide an inextricable link between theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students, help organize “peer to peer” training courses by students and serves as a pilot project that could be implemented in the future in all technical universities in Uzbekistan.

Part of the work was facilitating different types of online trainings, which American Councils has posted in their “Resources” section. For more information about the overall project, check out the description here. To see some of the trainings, see some of the videos on the UniCEN Resources website here.

For more information about the UW-Madison Makerspace, check out their website here

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