UW-NU Partnership Updates

Although the UW-NU partnership team had continued implementing its seventh agreement with NU through the COVID-19 pandemic, both sides of the partnership team were appreciative of the opportunities that vaccine rollouts and loosening travel restrictions allowed to meet and reconnect in-person. In November 2021, a delegation from NU, came to UW to connect with different campus partners. And in May 2022, Professor David McDonald (Faculty UW-NU Partnership Director), Professors Susan Yackee and James Sweet, and the IPO team, were able to also visit NU to discuss the development of an eighth agreement and reconnect with various colleagues and teams across the institution.

Pictured above: Members of the UW-NU partnership team meeting with NU’s Transformation Office team to learn about how they have been leading institutional change. Pictured below: Professor David McDonald receiving a certificate of appreciation from Vice President Kadisha Dairova and Division of International Affairs Director, Aliya Kaimoldinova, for his contribution to the UW-NU Partnership.  

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