UN Development Programme

In response to the emergent COVID19 pandemic, the UWMadison Makerspace partnered with Midwest Prototyping, Delve, and UW Health to develop, prototype, and produce the Badger Shield, along with other personal protective equipment (PPE). The Badger Shield design and production strategy were then adopted and applied in Guatemala by the UW Engineers Without Borders (EWB) student organizationin partnership with EWBUSA and Rotary InternationalGuatemala. This work enabled rapid scaling of local PPE production and ultimately mitigatecritical PPE shortages in GuatemalaThis work then garnered attention from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

In partnership with UNDP Crisis Bureau Recovery Solutions and Human Mobility team, UNDP country offices and other partners, UW–Madison worked with local stakeholders in a number of countries (Guatemala, Kyrgyz Republic, Malawi, Maldives, Sudan, and Yemen) to strengthen local COVID-19 response. UNDP country offices provided industry, government, academic, and healthcare connections and are mobilizing the response on the ground, under the auspices of the Crisis Bureau. UW provided consultation and technical assistance on PPE and medical device design and production; supported the development of national responses and reopening strategies across sectors and engaged in higher educatiocapacity development. 

Technical Assistance

The UW team supported stakeholders in LMICs to strengthen the local COVID-19 response by providing consultation regarding:

  1. Prototyping or supporting the adaptation of products to meet the needs/capabilities of local hospitals and/or the local communities
  2. Providing support in aligning products with international standards
  3. Supporting local universities in the setup of testing facilities and developing broader capacity to facilitate coordination in their local contexts
  4. Providing support in identifying potential supply chains and assistance for manufacturers transitioning to PPE production
  5. Developing software tools to facilitate connections throughout the supply chain by matching materials suppliers to manufacturers of PPE and manufacturers to facilities in need

Roadmap Response Framework

The UW team—alongside EWB volunteers & UNDP country offices—developed an operational workflow that facilitated a rapid response needs assessment of a country’s healthcare system and the implementation of technical instruments. This included:

  1. Understanding the country’s COVID-19 context
  2. Identifying the needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  3. Researching solutions
  4. Evaluating (and iterating) solutions
  5. Fundraising
  6. Prototyping and testing
  7. Preparing for implementation
  8. Implementing solutions and distribution
  9. Monitoring, evaluation, resolution, and learning

As a result of the work being done on this partnership, Yemen’s young mechatronic engineers are leading local solutions for national recovery from COVID-19.

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