Working with IPO

At IPO, we can provide UW–Madison faculty and staff as well as potential external partners with a variety of services ranging from initial review and discussion to project/partnership development and administrative support.

The following four criteria guide our work. Projects must:

  • Be internationally oriented: Projects must have an inherent international component.
  • Focus on capacity development: Projects should focus on university, institution, or professional capacity development through program consultation/evaluation, and administrator and faculty professional development.
  • Have a multi-unit and/or university focus: We focus on contracts that require collaboration across multiple UW–Madison units. We also facilitate projects that serve the institution’s broader education or public service mission.
  • Have an institutional impact: Keeping in mind UW–Madison’s mission related to research, teaching, and outreach, projects need to clearly benefit the campus in one of those areas

Interested parties should contact the office staff to discuss their project or partnership ideas. After an initial assessment, if the project meets the office’s general selection criteria, then we will work with project representatives to develop an internal proposal for submission and review to the International Division’s Academic Planning Committee (APC). If the APC approves the project or partnership, we will then work with UW–Madison units and the potential partner organization or institution to develop scope of work, budget, and any other necessary legal agreements.